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  • What is Hypnosis?
    Hypnosis is a heightened state of focus and suggestibility in which the body and conscious mind are in a relaxed, natural state while filtering out the peripheral distractions. Simultaneously, the subconscious mind remains very alert and receptive to positive suggestions for goal-based change. This trance-like state is similar to being completely absorbed in a book, movie, music, or even one's own thoughts or meditations. In this state, one can concentrate intensely on a specific thought, memory, feeling or sensation while blocking out distractions and can choose to turn their attention and completely focus to regain control or create radical change in a relatively short amount of time.
  • What Hypnosis is Not?
    Hypnosis is a tool used to bypass the critical analysis of your mind so that the suggestions can be accepted and then incorporated into a new “automatic” behavior. While hypnosis can be used for personal benefit, it cannot cause you to do anything against your free will or ethics. There are no side effects, it’s not addictive and you remain in control the entire time. No one “gets stuck” in hypnosis. No one can make you do anything you don’t want to do. Forget the stuff you’ve seen on TV. There’s nothing magical or weird about hypnosis. Therapeutic hypnosis is used to improve your health and well-being and is different from stage hypnosis that is used for entertainment purposes only. If you are ready to make a change in your life and have tried other methods for achieving your goals without satisfaction, then Hypnotherapy may be right for you. While hypnosis does work quickly, it is not magic and results will not occur overnight in most cases.
  • Does Hypnotherapy Work?
    YES! By harnessing the power of your own subconscious mind, Hypnotherapy is often quick and effective in resolving personal issues and improving focus and performance, whether at work or play. With hypnotherapy, you can effectively replace limiting behaviors with attitudes and actions that promote growth and success. Hypnotherapy helps you focus, direct and maximize your own inner power. It’s an effective, relaxing and drug-free choice for change. Countless scientific and university studies show the benefits and effectiveness of hypnotherapy. The University of Washington School of Medicine has shown a 90.6% rate for smoking cessation using hypnosis. "Hypnosis more than doubled average weight loss." - Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology "Healed significantly faster from surgery." - Harvard Medical School "Hypnosis reduces pain intensity" - Journal of Pain & Symptom Management "Significantly more methadone addicts quit with hypnosis. 94% remained narcotic free." - American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. They say that it takes 21 days to change a habit in the subconscious mind. The benefits of hypnosis create “Trance-Formations!” Use hypnosis to overcome self-defeating behaviors, negative habits and learn to manage all aspects of your life!
  • What Can You Expect in Your First Session?
    Your initial consultation will be approximately 90 minutes. We get to know each other. The first session is about getting you accustomed and conditioned to the hypnotic state. We will determine keywords utilized for your hypnotherapy session to combat your specific issue. A thorough explanation as to what you may feel and experience during our session as well as how hypnosis works. Suggestibility Testing: It is imperative to understand how you personally take in suggestions and information. This testing allows suggestions to be crafted that will be more meaningful and impactful to you as an individual. Then you'll sit in a comfortable chair and simply listen to my voice as you enter a relaxed state. You'll be given specific suggestions to help achieve your goals. When your session is over you will open your eyes and feel refreshed and relaxed.
  • What Can You Expect in Follow-Up Sessions?
    Follow-up sessions are generally 50 – 55 minutes in length and its recommended to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions in order to see quantifiable results. With hypnosis, we bypass the conscious and critical mind, and create a pathway direct to the subconscious mind to drop in the suggestions and allow you to truly connect to your desired outcome in a language that your mind understands. This language is based on the conversation we have in the cognitive part of the session. The cognitive portion is where we identify the challenges you want to overcome and what you want to achieve or focus on for that session. We will work together to identify your desired outcomes and what’s been holding you back, then rewire and upgrade your beliefs to give you a new operating system to stop the negative self-talk and mental roadblocks. Highly effective clearing and re-programming techniques will have you getting out of your own way and finally on the path to having what you want. A digital recording of the hypnosis session will be made for you to listen to at home for reinforcement.
  • What Hypnotherapy Methods are Used?*
    Guided Relaxation Allows the body and mind to rest and relax. The act of imagining evokes physical, mental, and emotional changes within us. Guided relaxation successfully engages our consciousness and allows us to create the lasting change in our life that we desire. Guided Imagery We are able to envision a better future, heal our past, and look deeper within ourselves. This is needed to evaluate our life issues, see the cause-and-effects, identify the stressors in our lives and more. Positive Affirmations/ Suggestions Statements that are positive in nature, used to retrain thinking to effect positive change. Negativity tends to dwell in our lives more than it should. NLP – NeuroLinguistic Programming Use your imagination and the power of your subconscious mind to reprogram your brain and free you from the OCD of self-destructive, sabotaging thinking patterns. *This list just gives a few examples and is by no means a comprehensive list of the tools used.
  • Is Hypnosis Safe?
    Hypnosis is absolutely safe. It's perfectly normal and a common state of mind we naturally go into daily. You enter hypnosis regularly when daydreaming, watching a good movie, or reading a captivating book. During these activities, you remain consciously aware and are in complete control, just as you would when a professional hypnotherapist assists you to enter a state of hypnosis.

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