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Image by Ian Schneider


Your subconscious holds the key to removing limiting beliefs and unlocking your true potential. When what you believe about who you are, what you're capable of, and what you're worth LINES UP with what you want...THAT’S when you manifest it with ease. It really is that simple. Align your energy and reprogram your beliefs to easily manifest what you want. Expand your self-love to access true happiness, inner peace and ultimate fulfillment.

Michal specializes in helping clients overcome negative emotions such as anger, sadness, grief, fear, guilt and shame that stand in the way of their success and enjoyment of life to its fullest. And, as these negative emotions are released, her clients report dramatic improvements in many areas such as motivation, energy and confidence, all the while releasing bad habits such as procrastination, indecision, clutter, overeating, perfectionism and much more.

Stress/ Anxiety Reduction

Fears/ Phobias

Self Love/ Confidence

Health Optimization

Pain Management

Habit Control

Negative Self Talk



Behavioral Addictions

Child Within

Past Life Regression

Body Dysmorphia



Performance Anxiety

Let’s get back on track today.

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