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What People Say

I just had my third session with Michal and I am so extremely grateful for her hypnotherapy skills and professionalism . I saw such a change in myself after my first session and now after my third session left feeling 100% over my anxiety and fear. She took her time to explain hypnotherapy process and made me feel so comfortable before getting started. I was able to really understand my anxiety from a perspective of hypnosis and now know how powerful our subconscious truly is. If you are looking for a professional yet healing hypnotherapist, you landed on the right page. The entire process was so healing that I've decided to book another 3 sessions, but to work on another issue I have been dealing with.

- Rana S.

Michal is very intuitive, wise, and supportive. My sessions with her have been very helpful and effective in helping me to achieve my goals. I highly recommend her and her work.

- Sue M.

I can’t thank you enough for working with me on the hypnobirthing and hypnotherapy in general. It has helped so much. I have a much more calm, open mind about the possibility of giving labor naturally. I started working with Michal for hypno-birthing and I feel so lucky I did.  I was hoping to do natural child birth but still carried a lot of fears around it.  Michal was really able to get to the point of understanding who I am as a person both related to the birth and what I originally thought was unrelated to the birth.  I was so impressed with the sessions I have gone back now for sessions in other areas of my life I am working on. She was very intuitive, aware and attuned to understanding what I was going through and has been able to help me move out of it and work through some of the things that had really been bothering me. I was able to birth naturally which I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do.  I was able to stay in the labor without giving up or taking an epidural.  I kept the meditations she made for me from our sessions in my mind and held them during the labor process. I am so grateful to Michal for helping me get to the point where I believed I would be able to birth naturally.  It has made this an incredibly amazing experience and one in which the recovery process is so much easier.

- Kayla F.

Michal was my dating coach. When we first started our work together I wasn’t even dating. With her encouragement and support I was able to put myself out there and start meeting people. As I started dating she helped me understand myself better, what I truly needed and the obstacles I had to overcome. Through our sessions together I was able to get a handle over my fears and my obnoxious inner critic. Michal was my catalyst for change. She coached me all the way through my relationship and subsequent engagement and I am happy to report that I am now enjoying married life.

- Anita R.

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